Project Consultancy

We provide the following consultancy and Techno-Engineering services for textile spinning mills:

1. Project feasibility study
2. Design and Engineering
3. Site location and suitability study
4. Master plan design
5. Machinery master planning
6. Machinery procurement assistance
7. Engineering consultancy for the full project like Architectural, Civil work, Machinery layout and utilities
8. Project management and construction supervision

Textile Machinery

We source and install the following machinery for the spinning textile industry from Germany, India and China:

1. Blow room Equipment
2. High speed card
3. High speed Draw Frame Breaker
4. High speed Draw Frame Finisher
5. Roving Frame
6. Ring Frame 1000 spindle
7. Auto Conner 100spd
8. Doublers 120spd
9. Twisters 160spd
10. Lap former
11. Comber
12. Open end rotor spinning 500 spd

We have satisfied customers in India, Indonesia and Thailand.

Yarn Trading Division

We source our Yarns from reputed factories in China, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

We supply to over 100 satisfied customers in Asia, Africa and South America.

Our product range consists of the following:

1. Cotton Spun Yarn
2. Viscose Spun Yarn
3. Polyester Spun Yarn
4. Polyester/Cotton Spun Yarn
5. Polyester/Viscose Spun Yarn
6. Polyester Textured Yarn
7. Polyester Partially Oriented Yarn
8. Polyester Staple Fibre
9. PET Chips